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Escherichia coli - Xen 14

E. coli - Xen14 bioluminescent pathogenic bacteria for in vivo and in vitro drug discovery. This product was derived from the parental strain E. coli WS2572, a clinical isolate from Weihenstephan Culture Collection. E. coli-Xen14 possesses a stable copy of the Photorhabdus luminescens lux operon on the bacterial chromosome.

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For laboratory use only. This product is intended for animal research only and not for use in humans.

详情 信息

Infectious disease is a perennially important area for both life science research and drug discovery. Some of the first applications of IVIS® imaging technology were in tracking infections and monitoring host responses, and these applications are still at the forefront of research. PerkinElmer's bioluminescent infectious disease light-producing microorganisms have been developed to mimic both acute and chronic standard infection protocols presently used by researchers, e.g., lung, sepsis, meningitis, GI, and biofilm infections.

Advantages of using bioluminescent light-producing microorganisms for drug discovery in vitro:

  • Rapid and readily amenable to high throughput screening, e.g., 96 or 384-well format
  • Sensitivity - subtle changes in cellular viability are rapidly detected
  • Inexpensive - no additional substrates needed for bacterial assays

Advantages of using bioluminescent light-producing microorganisms for drug discovery in vivo:

  • Rapid identification of lead drug candidates
  • Real-time efficacy data
  • May help to decrease drug failure by allowing disease relapse to be monitored in the same animal


革兰氏阳性革兰氏阴性 Gram negative
荧光素酶分类 Bacterial luciferase
光学成像分类 Bioluminescence Imaging
产品品牌名称 XenoLight
运输条件 环境
治疗领域 Bacterial infection
产品尺寸 1 agar plate
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