N9307081 -1.5 L/min of Air (Without Compressor) | PerkinElmer


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N9307081 -1.5 L/min of Air (Without Compressor)

部件号 N9307081

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  • Flow rate:
  • Produce laboratory-grade purified air for the most accurate and convenient calibration of testing equipment
  • Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this system will generate purified air from an existing in-house oil-free compressed air supply, eliminating the need for inconvenient high-pressure gas cylinders
  • Eliminate gas cylinders reducing annual operating costs associated with materials, labor and downtime, and reduces risk of injury to workers
  • Will remove CO and HC pollutants to less than 0. 1 ppm and NOx contaminants to1 ppm. Carbon dioxide is also removed to about 1 ppm levels. Operation of the generator requires low levels of air consumption and electrical power
  • Separate oil-free air compressor or air supply required for operation


产品组 Zero Air Generator - Ultra
体积容量 1.5 L/min