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TurboMatrix HS 16

幸运8平台彩票 This entry-level headspace sampler holds up to 16 sample vials. The system performs overlapping thermostatting of one vial-after the first sample is injected, the unit heats and equilibrates the next sample so it can be injected when the gas chromatography is ready for the next run.

部件号 M0413423


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Accuracy and precision are critical in blood-alcohol analysis because the toxicologist not only has to be confident in his or her results, but also must be prepared to withstand tough cross examination by defense attorneys. In addition, crime laboratories must comply with state regulations regarding blood-alcohol testing.

幸运8平台彩票PerkinElmer has been delivering reliable GC sample-handling solutions since the introduction of its first headspace sampler (HS) over 40 years ago. Today the TurboMatrix™ HS-Clarus® GC package is the benchmark for blood-alcohol analysis. Trust PerkinElmer for an integrated HS-GC solution to maximize your analysis.


高度 61.0 cm
最高温度 32 °C
最低温度 15 °C
便携式 No
产品品牌名称 TurboMatrix
重量 32.0 kg
宽度 43.0 cm
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Lubricant Testing Solutions Interactive Brochure

幸运8平台彩票Increasing demands for efficiency, productivity, data quality, and profitability pose ongoing challenges for lubricant testing labs, like yours. Whether you need to achieve quick turnaround times, minimize downtime, or maximize lab efficiencies, you can rely on PerkinElmer for a comprehensive set of simple-to-use and proven testing solutions to help you achieve accurate results in record time. Learn more about our solutions.

TurboMatrix Headspace and Headspace Trap Samplers for GC Brochure

Headspace Gas Chromatography—for applications involving the solvent-free extraction of volatile compounds, it’s an unsurpassed technique, eliminating the time-consuming steps and risk of human error associated with other GC sample-preparation methods.



TotalChrom/TurboMatrix HS Integration

TotalChrom® 6.3 software simplifies the routine use of PerkinElmer® TurboMatrix™ Headspace (HS) samplers (HS-16, HS-40, HS-110, HS-40 Trap and HS-110 Trap models). Enhanced integration between TotalChrom and TurboMatrix HS methods provides streamlined operation, including faster setup times and reduced entry errors.

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Determination of Monomers in Polymers by Multiple Headspace Extraction - GC/MS

Polymer production and quality control (QC) requires a variety of analytical testing – one common QC test is the analysis of residual monomers in the final polymer material.

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Pressure-Balanced Headspace for the Determination of Class I, II and III Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals by USP Chapter <467> Methodology

Residual solvents are used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, or in preparation of drug products and are not removed during the purification processes. Residual solvents are one of the three main impurities in pharmaceutical materials.

Residual solvents do not provide any therapeutic benefit and should be removed to the extent possible, fulfilling quality based requirements as per International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines – this is one of the standards to control the quality and the purity of the pharmaceutical substances, excipients, or drug products.

This paper will demonstrate the analysis of all three classes of residual solvents by pressure-balanced headspace sample introduction and GC-FID analysis.

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Residual Methanol in B100 Biodeisel by Headspace-Gas Chromatography According to EN 14110

幸运8平台彩票This application note will focus on automated headspace sample introduction without the use of an internal standard. It will follow the EN 14110 method and then show a modification to simplify and speed up the analysis. Compared to the analysis of free and total glycerin in B100 biodiesel, the analysis of residual methanol is very easy.

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An Introduction to Headspace Sampling in Gas Chromatography

This document is intended to provide the newcomer to headspace sampling with a concise summary of the theory and principles of this exciting technique. Enough information is included here for the user to understand the basic concepts and relationships in HS sampling to apply during method development and interpretation of data. Although emphasis is given to the PerkinElmer TurboMatrix HS systems, the document also covers alternative systems so that it should be useful to all potential users of HS systems.



TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers Consumables and Supplies Reference Guide

Consumables reference guide for the TurboMatrix Headspace. TurboMatrix Headspace and high-sensitivity Headspace Trap samplers provide unparalleled precision and ease of use for numerous GC or GC/MS volatile-analysis applications. The system can manage up to 12 samples simultaneously, ensuring that the next sample is ready for analysis upon completion of the previous run, achieving significant time savings.

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Advanced Solutions for Polymers and Plastics Poster

幸运8平台彩票The Polymer Market consists of a huge diversity of manufacturers of industrial products running many different processes yet still facing similar challenges. There is more and more pressure to achieve high product quality and reduce costs in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.



Analysis of Food-Packaging Film by Headspace (GC/MS)

Food-packaging material is typically manufactured as a thin film and coated with inks which usually contain multiple, harmful, volatile organics.

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