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Micro-Channel Kit (with PreVent)

For Existing Clarus 690/680/600/590/580/500 GCs with PreVent currently installed. If PreVent is already included in the GC configuration, this hardware kit provides the additional parts required to install a Swafer. The Swafer and installation are not included and must be purchased separately.

部件号 N6520271

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Features and benefits include:

  • Allows you to tackle difficult or otherwise impossible separations, delivering richer sample information which was previously unattainable
  • User-friendly design and user-defined oven position allow easy setup and configuration changes, without requiring service intervention
  • Complete independence of the column from injectors or detectors lets you combine injection techniques (headspace, thermal desorption, liquid, etc.), based on sample requirements
  • 15 user-interchangeable configurations deliver over 18 possible modes of operation for unparalleled application flexibility
  • Can be used on any Clarus 590/580/500 or 690/680/600 GC with programmable pneumatic control (PPC)
  • Vent unwanted solvent or other large peak from chromatogram
  • Tweak the column polarity with serial column for difficult separations


产品组 Swafer Kit