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Micro-Channel Kit (with PPC)

For Existing Clarus 690/680/600/590/580/500 GC with PPC. Includes all hardware required to install a Swafer. The Swafer and installation are not included and must be purchased separately. Swafer micro-channel wafer technology is an innovative and user-friendly approach for flowswitching and splitting applications - it delivers unparalleled hardware and application flexibility, expanding the capabilities of capillary gas chromatography (GC).

部件号 N6520270


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This exciting new technology can benefit most analytical laboratories. From simple techniques such as connecting two detectors to one column, and removing unwanted material from a column, to sophisticated multidimensional separations on complex samples, Swafer's capabilities cover a wide range. Many applications will benefit from the use of the Swafer, including the detection of pesticides in food products and the analysis of complex matrices (e.g. petroleum or natural products).


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