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Flexible 96-well plate cassette

幸运8平台彩票 Flexible 96-well plate cassette for use in a MicroBeta radiometric detector.

部件号 1450-101

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A variety of MicroBeta cassettes designed for specific sample formats are available.

The 1450-101 and 1450-102 cassettes are used with standard MicroBeta flexible plates (1450-401 and 1450-402 respectively). Eppendorf tubes can be counted using 1450-108 adapters in the 1450-102 cassette. The 1450-105 cassette is suitable for use with any standard rigid 96-well plate, including the Wallac Isoplate. The 1450-110 cassette is intended for use with Corning 24-well (or similar) tissue culture plates. The 1450-117 cassette is used with 1200-421 4mL tubes. We also supply a range of cassettes for all types of filtermats and for Millipore MultiScreen filter plates.


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