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PharmaSeq Animal ID Starter Kit

Minimize labeling error and speed your analysis with the Pharmaseq Animal ID Starter Kit. Animals can be easily and seamlessly tracked through the course of your longitudinal imaging study without the necessity of physically labeling the animals with a marker, ear tag or ear punch.

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Each injected chip confers a unique identification number that can be read with the provided wand. Captured IDs can be imported into identified ROIs automatically by the Living Image® software reducing labeling and human error during the course of your study. PharmaSeq Animal ID Starter Kit consists of:

  • Wand
  • 100 sterile needles preloaded with p-Chips® for tagging.
  • Injector accessory for injecting p-Chip into mouse tail
  • Animal restrainer
For use with the IVIS®幸运8平台彩票 Lumina S5 and IVIS Lumins X5 in vivo imaging systems.