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FL 6500 & FL 8500 Micro Cell Holder

FL 6500 & FL 8500 Micro Cell accessory enables measurement of small sample volumes

部件号 N4201015

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详情 信息

  • Minimum volume as little as 10 µL
  • Plug-n-play minimizes downtime between accessory changes
  • Accommodates standard micro cell cuvette cell size 12.5 mm X 12.5 mm
  • Adjustable beam height increasing flexibility
  • Beam alignment is easily performed without the need for a tool
  • Beam height as low as 8.5 mm reduces the required volume to perform the analysis
  • Maximum Beam height of 15 mm
  • Auto-recognition by FL Spectrum software
  • Used with both FL 6500 and FL 8500 Fluorescence Spectrophotonmeters