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MHS-15 Mercury Hydride System

The MHS-15 Mercury/Hydride System is a manual accessory for high-sensitivity determination of mercury and hydride-forming elements, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn, by flame atomic absorption (AA) spectroscopy.

部件号 B3140760


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Mercury/hydride atomic absorption (AA) is the preferred technique for trace determination of mercury and the metallic hydride-forming elements. Mercury/hydride AA offers the best possible detection limits, down to the ng range, while minimizing capital investment and operating costs. The technique is simple, easy-to-handle, reliable, and has been proven in tens of thousands of laboratories worldwide.

The MHS-15 system includes a reaction assembly and a quartz-cell assembly. The analyzer is free-standing and is placed adjacent to the AA spectrometer sample compartment. It includes a reaction flask, a reservoir for the reducing agent and all pneumatic components for carrier transportation of the metallic vapors to the quartz cell. The cell mounts on a standard 10-cm PerkinElmer® burner head, permitting the cell to be heated in the spectrometer flame. The quartz cell is positioned in the light beam of the spectrometer and alignment is provided by the instrument's burner adjustment controls. Its quartz cell can be easily tilted out of the flame using a swivel mount.


深度 16.0 cm
高度 37.5 cm
产品品牌名称 MHS
产品组 Accessories
技术类型 Atomic Absorption
重量 4.3 kg
宽度 17.0 cm