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Merlin MicroSeal Septum Kit

The kit includes: Injector Port Adapter, 2 Septa [#N9303345] and 1 Nut. The kit is compatibile with:

  • CAP [Capillary] injector for Clarus 480, 580, 680
  • PSS [Programmed Temperature Split/Splitless] injector for all Clarus models

部件号 N9303344


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详情 信息

The Merlin MicroSeal injector port septa is a unique replacement septa employing a two-step sealing system and an advanced elastomer material. Because the syringe needle does not pierce the septa, there is no debris and ghost peaks are greatly reduced. The MicroSeal septa also reduces the incidence of bent syringe needles and liner contamination. Usable in either manual or autosampler applications, this septa can improve your productivity and run reliability. Designed to be used with 23 gauge straight needle syringes. Pressure ranges from 4 to 100 psi and injection port temperatures up to 325°C. This kit includes an injector port adapter, 2 septa and 1 nut. Spare septum - N9303345.


型号兼容 Clarus 480, 580, 680 both CAP and PSS injector for Clarus 590 and 690 only for PSS injector
外径 11 mm
产品品牌名称 Merlin MicroSeal
产品组 Injection Port Septa
技术类型 GC, GC/MS, Gas Chromatography, SPME