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Holmium (Ho) Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp

Series N30501XX Lumina 2 in (50mm) -diameter single-element lamps are designed to be used with our PinAAcle and AAnalyst幸运8平台彩票 atomic absorption spectrometer series of instruments.

部件号 N3050135



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Single Element Lumina hollow cathode lamp (HCL) for the detection of elemental Holmium (Ho). Please note that this element requires the use of a nitrous oxide-acetylene flame.

幸运8平台彩票Every genuine PerkinElmer lamp is designed for use with and tested on our spectrometers to assure compatibility and the highest performance. We offer a wide range of single-element and multi-element HCLs, which are ideal for determining most elements by atomic absorption spectroscopy. To prolong the life of a Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp (HCL), we produce lamps with larger internal volume so that a greater supply of fill gas at optimum pressure is available. The larger the lamp, the greater the inert gas volume — and the longer the lamp lifetime.

幸运8平台彩票Note: Lumina hollow cathode lamps may also be used with all earlier AA spectrometers that do not have automatic code reading capability by using an appropriate adapter cable.


元素 Holmium
型号兼容 AAnalyst, PinAAcle
外径 2 in
产品品牌名称 Lumina
产品组 Hollow Cathode Lamp (HCL)
技术类型 Atomic Absorption (AA)