Low-binding surface (LBS) 1/2 Area AlphaPlate, 96-well (light gray) | PerkinElmer


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Low-binding surface (LBS) 1/2 Area AlphaPlate, 96-well (light gray)

96-well light gray ½ area microplates for Alpha assays with low binding surface for reduced binding to proteins and nucleic acids.

部件号 6052340

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详情 信息

PerkinElmer's exclusive AlphaPlate is designed specifically for AlphaLISA and AlphaScreen assay applications. The AlphaPlate is a unique light gray engineered microplate for reduction in cross talk and assay optimization. The ½ Area format offers same well depth at half the size to help you miniaturize your assay, designed to utilize cost reduction advantages without going to a 384-well format. Our low binding surface reduces binding to plate:

  • Modified polymer surface is nonionic hydrophilic, minimizing bio-interaction within wells to reduce nonspecific binding and reagent costs
  • Significantly reduces protein and nucleic acid binding to polymers and maintains enzyme activity
  • Use at temperature range of 4° to 37°C (39° to 99°F)
  • Reduced non-specific biomolecule binding (proteins, DNA, RNA) for biochemical assays
  • Compatible with a wide range of plate readers, liquid handlers, and robotic systems


涂层处理 Low-binding surface
颜色 Gray
检测方法 Luminescence, Alpha
Material Polystyrene
产品品牌名称 1/2 AreaPlate, AlphaPlate
运输条件 环境
Sterile No
产品尺寸 2 x 25 plates