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Fluorescent Imaging Agent Panel – Sample Pack

幸运8平台彩票 Not sure what in vivo reagents work best for your in vivo imaging research studies? Try our Fluorescent Agents Sample Pack which contains our most popular probes as well as ready-to-use Luciferin.

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Both fluorescence and bioluminescence are important imaging modalities for a variety of disease or biological models. Find out which reagents will work best for your application with a convenient collection of our most popular and most published fluorescent probes in sample size, as well as ready-to-use luciferin for bioluminescent imaging. Discover the broad utility of our reagents in a number of applications, including cancer, angiogenesis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and acute inflammation.

幸运8平台彩票The availability of probes at 680 nm and 750 nm wavelengths further offers the opportunity for multiplex imaging of appropriate probe combinations to maximize information gained from research animals.

The In Vivo Fluorescent Agents Sample Pack includes the following five probes:

Part Number Fluorescent Probe Biological Target
770504 XenoLight RediJect D-Luciferin** Pre-formulated bioluminescent substrate ready for use in in vivo imaging with Firefly Luciferase
NEV10723EX AngioSense 680EX* Vascular probe:
Leaks into sites of edema/cancer
NEV10878 IntegriSense 750* αVβ3 integrin targeted probe:
Marker on tumors, neovasculature, and osteoclasts
NEV10932 MMPSense 750 FAST* Pan-MMP activatable probe:
Secreted marker of inflammatory cells, fibrosis, and tumor margins
NEV10972EX ProSense 750EX* Pan-cathepsin activatable probe:
Lysosomal marker of inflammatory cells and tumor cells

*Sample size (each sample size vial contains 3 doses)
**Full size (RediJect D-Luciferin kit contains 10 vials, 5 doses per vial)



光学成像分类 Bioluminescence imaging, Fluorescence Imaging
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