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High Content Profiler

High Content Profiler enables screening data analysis and validation in a single easy to use platform.

部件号 HCProfiler

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Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®幸运8平台彩票, High Content Profiler allows you to transform your high content screening analyses into robust biological conclusions while gaining immediate insights with real-time visual analytics - in mere minutes:

Perform your entire screening data analysis and validation in a single and easy to use platform, saving valuable time and reducing costs.

High Content Profiler supports all major high throughput (HTS) and high-content (HCS) instruments, including PerkinElmer's Envision, Opera Phenix® and Operetta® allowing the standardization of data analysis of HCS, HTS and Flow Cytometry experiments, either well based or cell based. The guided workflows provide step-by-step instructions that enable best practices and automated feature and hit selection and stratification, with easy-to-use wizards and extensive online help.

Access and render images stored in various image repositories including PerkinElmer's Columbus system and other image repositories directly within High Content Profiler, with custom definition of rules and access rights.

  • Take advantage of the most advanced statistics, machine learning and data analysis methods obtaining reproducible and objective results.
    With High Content Profiler you have access to a wide variety of automated methods for feature selection, dimensionality reduction and multivariate hit stratification. Select features, Rank image features by importance, and get model training outcome based on controls and model validity.
  • Implement exhaustive QC analyses, calculate reliable normalizations and benefit from interactive data exploration.
    Automated data flow of High Content Profiler allows you to discover hidden patterns or batch effects within a screen remove these and go back to the images to confirm and validate the results. High Content Profiler provides guided visual exploration to rapidly detect and eliminate 'in situ' any problem within your data set, without needing to start the analysis all over again.

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