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Aluminum Covers - Pierced 0.05 mm Holes

幸运8平台彩票 Includes 400 covers. These covers have an operating range of -170° to 600 °C and are pierced with a 0.05 mm hole. For use with (B0169319), (B0169320), and (B0169321).

部件号 B7001014



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幸运8平台彩票 The Autosampler sample pans and covers are used to prepare sample materials for the Pyris 1 Autosampler, DSC 7 RS, and DSC -4 RS. Pans are available in sealed or vented versions. These pans may also be used for non-robotic systems. 1 bar maximum internal pressure. Requires Cover (B0143003) and can be used with all Autosamplers.


Material Aluminum
型号兼容 Pyris 1, DSC 7 RS, DSC -4 RS
产品组 Sample Pans
技术类型 DSC