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Cyanine Smart Pack dCTP

幸运8平台彩票 Each Cyanine Smart Pack dCTP contains 5 tubes each of cyanine 3 and cyanine 5 labeled deoxycytidine triphosphate (dCTP). Smart packs are ideal for microarray labeling and other molecular biology applications.

部件号 NEL620001KT



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Cyanine represents a family of synthetics dyes that are used in biotechnology for labeling and analysis. They have many uses as fluorescent dyes, particularly in biomedical imaging.

Cyanine dyes are used for both nucleic acid and protein labeling for visualization and quantification purposes. Biological applications include comparative genomic hybridization and gene chips, which are used in transcriptomics, and various studies in proteomics such as RNA localization, molecular interaction studies by fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescent immunoassays.

  • Cy3 fluoresces greenish yellow (~550 nm excitation, ~570 nm emission).
  • Cy5 is fluorescent in the red region (~650 excitation, 670 nm emission).


检测方法 Fluorescence
荧光基团 Cy3,Cy5
核苷酸 dCTP
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