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Combined Quenched Standards

Quenched liquid scintillation counting standard used to establish efficiency correlation curves applicable to a wide variety of scintillation cocktails and quencing agent. This combined set of 3H and 14幸运8平台彩票C standards comes in 7 mL vials.

部件号 6008403

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幸运8平台彩票Quenched LSC standards are used to establish efficiency correlation curves. Efficiency correlations established with these standards are applicable to a wide variety of scintillation cocktails and quenching agents. Quenched LSC standards are supplied in sets of ten, each containing the same amount of radioactivity, but with progressively higher levels of quench. The standards are prepared in PPO/Dimethyl POPOP/toluene, argon purged and flame-sealed in borosilicate glass ampoules. The quenching agent is nitromethane. Both conventional size standards and Pico standards are available.


产品品牌名称 Pico
放射性同位素 H-3
运输条件 环境
特殊订购信息 This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
体积容量 7 mL
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