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20 mm Crimp Top Aluminum Silver Cap with Aluminum/Silicone Septa (1000/pack)

幸运8平台彩票 For sealing sample vials for temperatures up to 200 °C. Very low background peaks, very low permeability, not usable for repetitive injections from the same vial. Includes aluminum caps and star springs. Preassembled. Note: Due to the patent which PerkinElmer holds on the closures system of the Headspace vials, the caps, septa, and star springs cannot be sold separately.

部件号 B4000028

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Choose the right septa for your analysis. Although a wide variety of septa is available, chemical compatibility and temperature are the most critical to the analysis. Temperature applies not only to the vial, but also to the temperature of the instrument’s needle used for pressurization and sample transfer, which is heated to prevent condensation. A needle temperature higher than the vial temperature setting can decompose the septum material. PTFE coated silicone and aluminum-coated silicone offer the highest temperature operating limits.


帽和载波风格 Crimp Top
颜色 Silver
内径 20 mm
Material Aluminum/Silicone
产品组 Cap/Septa
类型 Crimp Top
技术类型 Headspace