2DX-FAS Autosampler with AAPrep 2 system | PerkinElmer


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2DX-FAS Autosampler with AAPrep 2 system

For laboratories running single-element or sequential multi-element analyses by flame atomic absorption (AA), PerkinElmer's AAPrep2 sample automation accessory provides automatic standard and sample preparation, saving tedious manual work, improving productivity, while delivering improved accuracy and precision.

部件号 N2020032

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详情 信息

This configuration of the AAPrep2 accessory consists of a 2DX-FAS autosampler and two peristaltic pumps. It provides the ability to:

  • Mechanically pump the sample during injection
  • Optimize nebulizer and flame conditions
  • Eliminate variability due to changes in sample viscosity, dissolved solids and tubing length
  • Ensure long-term sample flow stability

The in-line dilution capability allows you to create a single intermediate standard and then the AAPrep2 accessory to automatically generate all calibration standards in-line, as required. In addition, AAPrep2 can be set to identify over-range samples and then utilize the in-line dilution capability to automatically re-run a sample that falls outside the calibration range at an increased dilution factor to bring the signal within the calibration and provide accurate measurement along with a passed QC check.

幸运8平台彩票The AAPrep2 accessory provides in-line dilution and auto-calibration from a single standard solution. The total flow rate delivered by the two peristaltic pumps is constant, but the ratio of the two flows is automatically varied to dilute samples or to build a calibration curve by dilution of a single standard solution, delivering accurate and consistent results.


深度 29.5 cm
高度 47.7 cm
重量 8.2 kg
宽度 54.2 cm