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2DX-FAS Autosampler w/FAST Flame 1 Sys

幸运8平台彩票 PerkinElmer's FAST Flame 1 sample automation accessory is ideal for laboratories doing single-element or sequential multi-element determinations using flame atomic absorption (AA) for many samples daily and requiring consistently lower detection limits. It provides high-speed sample analysis without user intervention, delivering improved productivity.

部件号 N2020062

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This configuration of the FAST Flame 1 accessory is a combination of 2DX-FAS high-speed autosampler, one precision peristaltic pump and a switching valve. It provides quick sample turnaround with:

  • Fast rinse-out
  • Short signal stabilization times
  • No sample-to-sample memory effect

幸运8平台彩票The FAST Flame 1 accessory rapidly fills a sample loop via vacuum and then switches to inject the sample loop while the autosampler moves to the next sample. This removes the wait time associated with self-aspiration or peristaltic pumping and the long rinse-in and rinse-out times associated with autosampler movement and flushing resulting in sample-to-sample times as short as 15 seconds. Rapid injection and rinse-out result in a throughput of over 560 samples per hour—up to 40% higher than manual analysis for single-element determinations by Flame AA.

FAST Flame 1 provides the ability to:

  • Mechanically pump the sample during injection
  • Optimize nebulizer and flame conditions
  • Eliminate variability due to changes in sample viscosity, dissolved solids and tubing length
  • Provide long-term sample flow stability

Linear standard curves and excellent recovery of standard solution concentrations, obtained using FAST Flame 1, demonstrate the system's precision and accuracy, as well as long-term stability.

The 2DX-FAS is a compact autosampler with dual flowing rinse stations that hold 2 large racks or 4 micro racks. This kit includes one 9-position standards rack for 125ml bottles, two 60-position large sample racks for 15 ml tubes and two 21-position large sample racks for 50 ml tubes.

Note: The dimensions below refer to the 2DX-FAS Autosampler


深度 29.5 cm
高度 47.7 cm
产品品牌名称 FAST Flame
重量 8.2 kg
宽度 54.2 cm