Oxygenates and Aromatics Analysis


Are you looking to determine the ether and alcohol from sub-ppm to percent levels additives in your lab? We offer a family of Oxygenates and Aromatics Analyzers to detect benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, trace methanol, acetaldehyde, MTBE, acetone, 2-propanol, and a wide range of other elements found in gasoline per ASTM methods.

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  • CLARUS_590GC_500x500

    Model 4001 for Clarus 590 PPC

    This is an Oxygenates and Aromatics Analyzer by model which supports ASTM D4815 by TCD. Some features for this specific model include:
    • Meets: ASTM® D4815
    • Guaranteed detection levels (based on individual components without interference from neighboring peaks)