NGS 建库试剂盒


NEXTflex® library preparation kits are designed to reduce bias and increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep for both Illumina® and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. An extensive selection of NEXTflex single index and dual index barcoded adapters is available to meet your specific multiplexing needs. Automation protocols for the PerkinElmer® Sciclone® NGS Workstation are available for many of the NEXTflex library prep kits for labs requiring higher sample throughput, reduced hands-on time, greater reproducibility, or improved process control.

For research use only. Not for use with diagnostic procedures.

Amplicon Panels
Amplicon Panels

DNA Sequencing Library Prep


An extensive selection of NEXTflex® DNA library preparation kits enables a broad range of applications, including whole-genome sequencing, and library preparation for target enrichment, to meet any of your Illumina® or Ion Torrent sequencing needs. The NEXTflex®幸运8平台彩票 DNA library prep kits incorporate fast, streamlined workflows that can be used with a broad range of input amounts, and offer multiplexing flexibility to meet the needs of your project.

RNA Sequencing Library Prep


NEXTflex® RNA-Seq Kits are available for both directional and non-directional RNA library prep, with novel reagents and streamlined workflows for Illumina® sequencing platforms. Molecular indexing is incorporated into the NEXTflex® Rapid Directional qRNA-Seq Kit and the NEXTflex® qRNA-Seq Kit v2 for precise gene expression measurements.

Small RNA Sequencing Library Prep


Severe ligation bias in small RNA sequencing is the primary reason why small RNA sequencing data does not accurately reflect the relative abundance of small RNAs in starting material. The NEXTflex® Small RNA Kits solve this problem by incorporating randomized adapters to reduce ligation bias, offering superior data quality and a greater proportion of productive sequencing reads than any other small RNA library prep protocol. Additionally, the NEXTflex® Small RNA-Seq Kits feature a completely gel-free protocol with normal input amounts and a separate protocol for low-input small RNA library preparation.



16S and 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequencing is an amplicon sequencing technique used to identify and compare species from complex microbiome or environmental samples. The NEXTflex® 16S and 18S Amplicon-Seq Kits are optimized and validated library prep kits which offer the ability to multiplex up to 384 libraries, simplifying rRNA sequencing on the Illumina® MiSeq® sequencing platform.




Epigenetics is the analysis of heritable traits that are not transmitted by sequence information. For methylation analysis, NEXTflex® Bisulfite-Seq and Methyl-Seq Kits are available to simplify whole genome bisulfite sequencing, reduced representation bisulfite sequencing, and MeDIP or MeCap sequencing. To analyze how proteins interact with DNA, NEXTflex®幸运8平台彩票 ChIP-Seq Library Preparation Kits, requiring very low input amounts, simplify ChIP-seq experiments and reliably produce libraries from difficult samples.

Amplicon Panels


An extensive array of NEXTflex® Amplicon Panel Kits is available for sequence variation detection in numerous genes often associated with disorders. These panels are grouped into Inherited Disorders, Newborn and Infertility Syndromes, and Oncology Products. These panels include everything from primer pools, library prep reagents, clean-up beads, and barcodes that is necessary to construct libraries compatible with Illumina® and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. Panels come in convenient reaction sizes that are easily scalable, easy to perform, and cost-effective, which makes them ideal for each lab’s particular needs. Both the workflow and NGS run conditions are equivalent for each panel, thereby allowing simple multiplexing of different panels on a single NGS run to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

产品与服务 (3)

幸运8平台彩票1-3 的 3 产品与服务

  • JANUS-G3-Standard-8Tip-Varispan-and-MDT-Workstation

    JANUS G3 Varispan MDT自动化工作台

    JANUS® G3自动化工作站在单一仪器平台上提供多种移液技术。此仪器由一个可扩展模块平台组成,并且将一个灵活的4道或8道多功能移液头与96或384通道模块式分液技术(MDT)移液头联合,从而提供在通量、微孔板容量、以及动态体积范围方面具有灵活性的自动化液体处理解决方案。

    JANUS G3 NGS Express工作站

    JANUS G3 NGS Express™工作站:适合台式测序仪的文库制备。NGS Express可进行多达24个文库的制备,并支持Life Technologies的Ion Torrent PGM™测序仪以及来自Illumina的MiSeq测序仪的应用。
  • Sciclone-G3-NGSx-Workstation

    Sciclone G3 NGS Workstation

    The Sciclone G3 platform, the NGS / NGSx Workstation is a complete benchtop solution for library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.