ICP Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)


幸运8平台彩票对于痕量多元素无机分析,NexION® 2000等离子体质谱仪(ICP-MS)可为大中小实验室提供独特的优势:

  • 最强的质谱干扰消除能力提供最好的检出能力
  • 简单而可靠的第二代通用池技术提供三路气体通道和三种池操作模式消除质谱干扰,更灵活
  • 每次分析,获得最佳工作效率
  • 新一代无需更换的射频(RF)线圈设计,独特的实现对离子牢牢控制从而实现最干净质谱分析系统的设计,使NexION 2000避免了几乎所有的维护要求

此外,NexION 2000 ICP-MS的全能表现贯穿您的分析工作。您可根据特定应用,配置不同颜色标记的SMARTintro™进样模块。助您应对各种应用和分析,简化操作设置,简化工作流程。/p>

幸运8平台彩票NexION 2000等离子体质谱仪带来最高的仪器性能,无惧各类分析挑战。让您轻松应对:任何基体、任何干扰、任何颗粒。

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  • NexION 2000B ICP-MS

    NexION 2000 ICP Mass Spectrometer

    PerkinElmer NexION® 2000是一款功能丰富、性能出众、应用广泛、简单易用的ICP-MS,融合多种独特先进技术,为您提供超高性能的分析体验,助您应对各种分析挑战。NexION 2000,挑战一切基体、挑战一切干扰、挑战一切颗粒。
  • NexION 1000B ICP-MS

    NexION 1000 电感耦合等离子体质谱仪

    NexION® 1000 ICP-MS是一款专为高通量常规实验室打造的多元素、痕量分析仪器,它非常适合用于常规的日常分析,满足各类法规和标准的检测需求,同时在购买成本方面也能符合您的预期。一系列独有的专利技术使之具分析速度快、操作简便等优势,可以大大提高您的实验室运行效率。
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  • 应用文献

    Accurate Sizing and Precise Counting of 10 nm Gold Nanoparticles using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS

    In this work, we demonstrate that PerkinElmer's NexION® 2000 ICP-MS, with its unique RF generator and ion optics, coupled with the Syngistix™ Nano Application Software Module, can be used to accurately measure and characterize NP sizes of 10 nm and smaller, both alone and in a mixture of NPs of various sizes.

  • 应用文献

    Analysis of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Soil Using Single Particle ICP-MS

    幸运8平台彩票This work demonstrates a robust method using SP-ICP-MS technology to detect CeO2 NPs which were extracted from soil samples with tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP). Over the past few decades, engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) have been increasingly used in many commercial products. As a result, more and more ENPs have been released into the environment, which raises concerns over their fate, toxicity and transport therein.

  • 应用文献

    Analysis of Drinking and Natural Waters using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS

    This work has demonstrated the ability of the NexION 2000 ICP-MS to analyze both natural and drinking water samples in Standard (i.e. non-cell) mode, in accordance with U.S. EPA Method 200.8. Accuracy has been demonstrated through the analysis of several reference materials and spike recoveries, with stability of at least nine hours. Method detection limits allow for trace-level determinations, while the ability to selectively suppress user-defined isotopes also allows the measurement of analyte levels usually only possible by ICP-OES or Flame AA. The NexION 2000 provides a comprehensive solution to the challenge of U.S. EPA Method 200.8 and other drinking and natural water analytical requirements across the globe.

  • 应用文献

    Analysis of Soils and Waters in Accordance with U.S. EPA Method 6020B using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS

    幸运8平台彩票Through the years, both industry and analytical instrumentation have advanced. With the development of new chemicals and processes, new pollutants may enter the environment. However, the capabilities of analytical instruments have also increased, allowing the measurement of ever lower levels of environmental contaminants, as well as new pollutants.

  • 应用文献

    Quantification of Nanoparticle Uptake into Cancer Cells using Single Cell ICP-MS

    幸运8平台彩票Nanoparticles (NPs) have been of significant interest over the last two decades as they offer attractive benefits for drug delivery to overcome limitations in conventional chemotherapy. Nanoparticles can be engineered to carry both drugs and imaging probes to simultaneously detect and treat cancer. They may also be designed to specifically target diseased tissues and cells in the body. A number of nanoparticlebased cancer therapeutics have been approved for clinical use and/or are currently under development.

  • 应用文献

    Testing and Validation of Various Antacids for Elemental Impurities using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS

    The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has announced that its new standards for elemental impurities in drug products has been implemented since January 1, 2018. General Chapters <232> and <2232> specify the list of elements and their permissible daily exposure (PDE) limits based on the route of administration.

  • 应用文献

    Characterization of TiO2 Nanoparticle Release from Fabrics By Single Particle ICP-MS

    幸运8平台彩票In the textile industry, the use of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles (NPs) is increasing due to their ability to provide UV protection, increase the hydrophilic nature of fabrics, provide antibacterial characteristics, and reduce odors. This work studies the release of TiO2 NPs from various commercial textile products which do not advertise that TiO2 NPs have been added.

  • 应用文献

    New Research Evaluating Cisplatin Uptake in Ovarian Cancer Cells by Single Cell ICP-MS

    Cisplatin, carboplatin, and oxaliplatin are the most widely used of platinum-based cancer chemotherapy drugs in the Western world. Cisplatin's effectiveness is due to its ability to bind to the DNA, resulting in DNA-platinum (Pt) adducts, which bend the DNA. The cells must then repair the DNA damage, otherwise DNA replication is blocked resulting in cell death. Many cancers are initially sensitive to platinum-based treatment, but patients frequently relapse with tumors displaying resistance to further cisplatin therapy.

  • 应用文献

    Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with SP-ICP-MS

    Measuring the amount of metals in CNTs presents a challenge. High levels can be measured directly in the solid by several techniques, including XRF and TEM, while low-level analysis requires complete digestion of the sample prior to analysis by ICP-OES or ICP-MS.

  • 应用文献

    Transport of Nanoparticles From Coated Surfaces Through Physical Contact

    幸运8平台彩票This work investigated the transfer of Ag and CuO nanoparticles from consumer products via simulated dermal contact by using textile wipes as a surrogate using PerkinElmer’s NexION ICP-MS single particle analyzer with the unique Syngistix Nano Application software module for data collection and analysis