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Control of Impurities

Regulatory bodies, such as the EMA and FDA, provide increasingly stringent guidelines around impurity limits, control of those impurities becomes exponentially critical in a Pharma QA/QC laboratory. Implementing testing to control impurities is crucial on your path to compliance.

幸运8平台彩票PerkinElmer provides the tools and processes you need to take control of impurities testing for both drug substances and drug products –  providing the best technology for the identification and quantification of elemental impurities and the accurate measurement of residual solvents in accordance with strict regulatory guidelines.

幸运8平台彩票The suitability of either a drug substance or drug product for its intended use is defined by attributes such as the identity, strength, and purity – which can be achieved by using instruments, consumables and services you can find from PerkinElmer.

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