幸运8平台彩票For the convenience of direct colorimetric visualization of results without the need for a film or imaging instrument, count on our chromogenic substrates.

Permanently record results on the transfer membrane and don't worry about them fading over time. Plus, significantly improve sensitivity with our amplification system.

Detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) can be done with Western BLAST, 4CN Plus and DAB Substrate solution. For the detection of alkaline phosphatase (AP), BCIP/NBT substrate should be used.

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  • PerkinElmer

    DAB Substrate Solution, 10mL Concentrate

    DAB Substrate Solution 10ml concentrate Shipped ambient.
  • PerkinElmer

    4CN Plus Chromogenic Substrate, 2 Bottles

    4CN Plus substrate detects HRP and is ideal for western blotting applications. It produces dark purple precipitate in the prescence of HRP and is 10 times more sensitive than standard 4CN(4-chloro-1-napthol) formulations.
  • PerkinElmer


    BCIP/NBT substrate detects alkaline phosphatase in blotting and slide applications. It deposits a permanent dark purple stain on membrane sites bearing phosphatase and with the combination of BCIP(5-bromo-4-chloro-3indolyl-phosphate and NBT(nitrobluetetrazoleum) produces much higher sensitivity than either reagent separately.