• 利用我们的高内涵筛选和信息学解决方案对活体癌细胞、3D细胞模型和干细胞进行表型筛选,获得更深入的生物学信息
  • 用发光分析法监测细胞的健康状况
  • 使用我们的创新型单细胞ICP-MS系统研究单细胞中金属类化疗耐药机制
  • 使用红外光谱法评估肿瘤微环境的特征,可增强传统组织化学技术


应用 & 技术



  • 从细胞样本和复杂的3D细胞模型中获取更多信息
  • 为研发预防肿瘤生长和转移的药物创造有意义的功能筛选试验
  • 多参数数据集比非成像读出数据所含的信息更加丰富,因而可以同时回答更多问题

Biomarkers play an integral part of the cancer story, from detection through therapy. They are used to determine whether individuals are predisposed to certain types of cancer, in establishing specific diagnoses, and prognosis. In addition to their role in cancer detection, biomarkers are key therapeutic target in within cancer drug discovery.

Our biomarker detection kits are designed to excel in applications that require high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and easy automation.

Cancer is a complex disease in which changes in one cell or group of cells leads causes a disruption of normal cell function and ultimately allows cancerous cells to over proliferate within the body. An important area of study within cancer research is cell signaling. As we learn more about how cell signaling works within healthy cells and what happens when signaling goes awry, we can design therapies targeted at these pathways which block the signals cancer cells send to evade the immune system.



  • 更好地了解癌细胞是如何对金属类化疗药物产生抗性的
  • 研究并量化肿瘤靶向治疗中单细胞对金属纳米粒子的摄入情况
  • 评估潜在的新型金属疗法的效果


  • 创新的免染方法,增强传统组织化学技术
  • 区分正常组织和患病组织之间的分子差异
  • 肿瘤微环境中正常细胞向癌细胞转变的研究



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