Automated PCR Setup


幸运8平台彩票The automation of PCR setup increases throughput and reproducibility while greatly reducing hands-on time. Our portfolio of liquid handlers enables the rapid and precise setup of endpoint, real-time, RT, and multiplex PCR experiments. With platform sizes ranging from benchtop to large integrated workstations, any of your throughput needs can be addressed. We offer solutions for any of your PCR automation needs from simple PCR setup, to PCR setup with an integrated thermocycler, to fully automated solutions offering hands-free sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, and optional normalization.

  • Standardized PCR protocols improve reproducibility
  • Increased throughput and reduced hands-on time increases productivity
  • Convenient, easy-to-use software
  • Full traceability of reagents, samples, volumes and pipetting steps

On-Deck Thermocycler Integration

A dedicated on-deck thermocycler can be integrated into the automated liquid handler workstation for easy hands-free operation to suit your PCR automation needs.

Complete Automation of Nucleic Acid Isolation and PCR Setup

The chemagic Prime instrument is a fully automated solution offering hands-free sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, optional normalization, and PCR setup for research applications. This validated, single supplier solution offers high quality DNA and RNA which can be extracted from a variety of matrices.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • chemagic™ Prime™ instrument

    chemagic Prime


    chemagic Prime幸运8平台彩票仪器是全自动解决方案,为研究应用提供无需人工操作的自动化样品转移、DNA和RNA提取、浓度归一化(可选配)和PCR反应体系构建。这种经验证的、单个供应商解决方案,可从各种类型样本中提取获得的高品质DNA和RNA。