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  • 产品手册

    Clarus 590 and 690 Brochure

    In today’s budget-constrained, yet highly competitive laboratory environments, the samples you’re being asked to analyze - whether food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, or environmental - are increasingly difficult. But for some labs, having a dedicated GC for every application isn’t an option. For them, a GC that can do it all isn’t just a nice-to have, it’s a necessity.

  • 产品手册

    OilExpress 4 Oil Condition Monitoring System

    The OilExpress 4 system adapts to your laboratory’s needs, from dozens to thousands of samples per day. Its modular design makes it possible to scale up your sample throughput or separately utilize the oil dilution capabilities in busy laboratories that are using ICP analysis. The system minimizes your operational costs by reducing instrument downtime, increasing throughput to reduce cost per sample, and offering significant savings from decreased solvent waste.

  • 产品手册

    The Power of the Sun, Solar Energy Development Solutions

    As the demand for solar power continues to grow, there needs to be a clear focus on different key issues in the life cycle of a solar cell. These issues are: efficiency, durability and cost. Coupling PerkinElmer’s application knowledge and experience together with our product portfolio, we can help manufacturers overcome these obstacles. At PerkinElmer, we’re taking action to ensure the quality of our environment.

  • 产品手册

    Lubricants Analysis - Complete Solutions for Your Lab

    幸运8平台彩票With throughput demands continually increasing, and an ongoing need for more detailed sample information, PerkinElmer systems are setting the standard for speed and productivity in all areas of lubricants analysis: 1.) Wear metals analysis, 2.) Oil condition monitoring and 3.) Confirmatory testing. Modular and scalable, each solution can adapt as your needs change—no matter what the size of your organization or the demands of your application

  • 产品手册

    TurboMatrix Thermal Desorbers for Gas Chromatography

    幸运8平台彩票For laboratories analyzing everything from air quality to flavors and fragrances, thermal desorption offers a faster, easier, more cost-efficient way to prepare samples for GC or GC/MS analysis. Ideal for the trace-level measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—as well as most semi-volatile chemicals—thermal desorption lets you avoid time-consuming, manual, solvent-based sample preparation in favor of a simple, streamlined, automated approach. It also delivers the added benefits of superior throughput and enhanced sensitivity.

  • 产品说明

    Rapid, Cost-Effective Oil Condition Monitoring -- Spectrum OilExpress System

    幸运8平台彩票Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Caterpillar® S.O.SSM program, the JOAP program, and the new ASTM® Methods D7412, D7414, D7415, D7418, Spectrum™ OilExpress is the fastest, most cost-effective Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) solution for busy test laboratories. OilExpress also uses less than half the solvent required by competing systems, dramatically reducing day-to-day operating costs and making laboratories more competitive.

  • 产品说明

    Ozone Precursor System

    幸运8平台彩票The analysis of C2 to C12 volatile organic ozone-precursor compounds can present a serious technical challenge to the analytical chemist. Low concentrations in the atmosphere coupled with the need to monitor frequently to assess diurnal variations means that a preconcentration step of the sample before analysis by thermal desorption is required. While the samples can be collected in the field and returned to the laboratory, remote, field-based analysis is desired which allows reduced data turnaround time, minimizes sample collection hardware and permits the presence or absence of VOCs to be correlated with meteorological data. In the field, low-molecular-weight C2 VOCs can be trapped on solid adsorbents if those adsorbents are cryogenically cooled.

  • 指南

    Safeguarding the Authenticity of Herbs & Spices

    Infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy are fast, easy-to-use techniques with a history of being used for food applications such as those for measuring protein, moisture, and fat content. Food fraud and adulteration has become of particular concern to the industry over the past few years following reports of incidents in the media, with herbs and spices identified as one of the key problem areas.

  • 白皮书

    Streamlining Materials Innovation Processes with Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Data Analytics for Optimum Efficiency

    幸运8平台彩票This paper explores the numerous challenges materials scientists and engineers face, from the time it takes to bring new materials to market to the difficulties delivering suitable formulations and testing against specified criteria, and how those can be resolved.

  • 白皮书

    Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Nanotechnology White Paper

    幸运8平台彩票There is a growing body of evidence showing that there are significant differences between some nanomaterials and their non-nanoscale counterparts. What those differences portend raises many new questions about their potential to cause harm to human health and the environment.

  • 应用文献

    Determination of Oil Content in Membranes Used in Compressed Air Sampling by Infrared Spectroscopy

    This note describes the test method for the quantitative analysis of aerosol oil and liquid oil typically present in the air discharged from compressors and compressed air systems. The method is rapid, sensitive and cost effective and shows the FT-IR can be an effective tool for the monitoring of oil content. The methodology followed for the analysis by FT-IR is reported in Bureau of Indian Standard and we have also tested for its ruggedness, spike recovery, linearity and detection limits.

  • 应用文献

    Curing Determination of EVA for Solar Panel Application

    幸运8平台彩票This study shows that DSC can be used to study the curing degree of the EVA resin by measuring the residual curing enthalpy. The data show that the residual curing enthalpy can be correlated to the curing time in a linear way. The DSC test is quick and easy.

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  • PinAAcle 900 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

    PinAAcle 900F 原子吸收光谱仪

    PinAAcle™ 900F是一款高端的实验室用火焰原子吸收光谱仪(AA),单火焰激发源,真正的双光路设计,启动快速,具备优良的长期稳定性。
  • PinAAcle 900T Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

    PinAAcle 900H 原子吸收光谱仪

    PinAAcle™ 900H是一款高端的实验室用原子吸收光谱仪(AA),采用氘灯连续背景光源校正的火焰/石墨炉一体化设计。
  • LAB SYS-DSC 8500

  • Spotlight 400 FT-IR Imaging System

    Spotlight 400 红外成像系统

    The Spotlight 400 FTIR Imaging System combines high sensitivity and rapid imaging with ease-of-use. The ability to image rapidly large sample areas at high spacial resolution (down to 10 microns) extends IR microscopy into new applications.
  • Clarus 590

    Clarus 590 气相色谱

    全新的Clarus® 590气相色谱引入新技术,从而改进了灵敏度,降低残留效应,使得整个系统易于使用和维护。全新的Clarus 590采用和Clarus 690相同的创新设计,你可选择最通用的样品处理系统。


  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two 润滑油分析系统


    LAMBDA 750 紫外/可见/近红外分光光度计

    LAMBDA 750 设计用于提供最大采样灵活性,以便测定化学,生化和材料科学方面困难的样品。
  • TGA 4000 N5370210

    TGA 4000 系统, 100-240V/50-60Hz

    TGA 4000 炉体采用集约式陶瓷设计,温度控制准确度和精度更高。其陶瓷炉体耐化学腐蚀性优异,适用于多种活性气体气氛,可充分拓展您的研究领域。
  • NexION 2000B ICP-MS

    NexION 2000 ICP Mass Spectrometer

    PerkinElmer NexION® 2000是一款功能丰富、性能出众、应用广泛、简单易用的ICP-MS,融合多种独特先进技术,为您提供超高性能的分析体验,助您应对各种分析挑战。NexION 2000,挑战一切基体、挑战一切干扰、挑战一切颗粒。
  • FIAS-400 Flow Injection System

    FIAS Flow Injection System

    The FIAS is a fully integrated and automated flow injection mercury/hydride analysis system that provides new levels of automation and sample handling for AA, ICP and ICP-MS, dramatically increasing laboratory productivity and capability.
  • FIMS-400 Flow Injection Mercury Analyzer

    FIMS Flow Injection Mercury System

    The FIMS is a compact, easy-to-operate mercury analyzer with an integrated flow injection system for cold vapor mercury AA.
  • 顶空-气相 测定生物柴油甲醇

    甲醇的测定对于保证生物柴油的质量至关重要。 幸运8平台彩票提供根据 EN 14110标准的解决方案,采用 Clarus®气相色谱仪联合TurboMatrix™顶空进样器,提供自动化的检测过程和准确可靠的结果。
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